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A unique resort with a breath-taking view over the Douro River and an extensive property covered with vineyards. Near Peso da Regua and from Porto is situated in a paradise yet to learn, discover the new agua hotels in the Douro Scala.

The Douro Scala is located in Cidadelhe on the right bank of the river Douro. The unit is only 80 km from Porto International Airport and 1.5 kilometers from the picturesque village of Mesao Frio.

It has several cultural sites within walking distance as the City Museum and from Peso da Regua. If you choose to enjoy a more relaxing holiday in contact with nature, discover some of the most beautiful green areas and the incomparable beauty of the Douro River just minutes away.

INTERNET RATES - 2013/2014

€65 (Save up to 74%)Double
€90 (Save up to 70%)Suite
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Agua Hotels Douro Scala   *****  Quinta do Paco de Cidadelhe, Cidadelhe / Mesao Frio, Vila Real, Portugal
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